Why Some Women Find Sexist Men More Attractive? From Hungry to Hangry? Do Women Expect Bigger Ring If Man Is Unattractive? In-Flight Sexual Assaults on the Rise? Buzz or Bust? Pepto Bismol Facial? Stainless Steel Bar?

Why do some women find sexist men more attractive? From hungry to hangry? Do women expect a bigger ring if man is unattractive? In-flight sexual assaults on the rise? Buzz or bust? Pepto-Bismol facial? Stainless steel bar?

The Doctors are joined by parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa who explains how allowing kids to spend time on their devices and tablets can actually lead to kids learning more about will power, perseverance, and possibly make them more globally connected.

The Doctors issue a warning about an increase of sexual assaults taking place on airplanes during flights. Find out how to possibly protect yourself from an assault and what to do if you are assaulted.

An estimated 180 million Americans take prescription medications at the cost of over 300 billion dollars each year! About 8% of adults don't get needed medication because they can't afford them.