Is Penny Pinching Sexy? Did Head Bump Increase Woman’s Sex Drive? Buzz or Bust: Mouthwash-To-Go and Natural Deodorant; Ask the Doctors: I’ve Got Terrible Dandruff! A Hangover Pill That Really Works? Could a Fever Mean Genital Herpes?

The Doctors discuss, along with psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli, the case of a woman in the UK who after hitting her head was diagnosed with a type of amnesia where she can’t retrain any memories or new information.

The oldest human ever recorded lived to be 122, but will human life expectancy continue to get longer and longer? The Doctors share how advances in medicine and health have prolonged many of our lives and discuss if life expectancy will continue to climb.

The Doctors discuss research out of UCLA, where a chemical and biomolecular engineering professor designed a capsule filled with three natural enzymes usually found in liver cells to help the body process alcohol faster.

The Doctors welcome psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli to discuss the case of a woman who suffered a head injury and was left with amnesia and now says she’s experiencing a dramatically increased sex drive.