Drs. Investigate: Dangerous Contact Lenses? Breakthrough Bunion Surgery! Post Brokenness Stress Disorder? DNA Diet Debate! Weight Lifting Fights Depression? Reduce Cancer and Heart Disease Risk with Secret Food!

Doctors’ senior investigative producer Leslie Marcus dives deep into the world of non-prescription contact lenses with the help of ophthalmology specialist Brian Boxer Wachler and ABC Laboratories to find out if some lenses can pose a danger to your eyes.

The Doctors welcome Vitagene chief clinician officer Dr. Julie Chen and Indiana University professor of pediatrics Dr. Aaron Carroll to discuss whether DNA testing can help lead someone to right diet for weight loss.

The Doctors share a new study in the Journal of Nutrition that found eating Bing sweet cherries could help prevent or reduce the severity of serious inflammatory diseases including heart disease, diabetes and even potentially arthritis.