Shocking Number of People Check Their Phones during Sex! Teen Develops Condition from Vaping? New Device Helps with Premature Ejaculation? Woman Badly Burned Shares Her Story of Hope and Courage! Dangers of Following Social Media Fitness Models!

The Doctors welcome Gina, a burn survivor, who is looking for help treating the scars she suffered from a devastating fire that nearly took her life. See as The Doctors surprise her with a possible solution to the scars that haunt her.

The Doctors discuss the case of a high school student who had a life-threatening reaction to vaping and ended up in the hospital on a ventilator. The Doctors issue a strong warning against using e-cigarettes.

The Doctors welcome Rita, who struggles with tinnitus, and is hoping to find a treatment after being told there were no options. Find out what The Doctors think can be done to address the ringing in her ears.