Drs. Exclusive with Reality Royalty: Gretchen & Slade; Courageous Country Singing Star, Hilary Williams; Your Hashtag Health! Germs on New Clothes? Kids Sending Nudes? Rest in Peace Mom?! Healthy Food Porn! Hack or Wack?! #AskTheDoctors!

If you’re suffering from blisters, the answer just might be in your drawer. The Doctors share how paper tape can be an effective and inexpensive way to prevent this issue that can plague your feet.

You've probably heard the expression "FOMO," fear of missing out, but The Doctors want you to actually relish that time alone with some "JOMO", the joy of missing out!

The Doctors discuss a study which found that some clothes at department stores were covered by a slew of germs, different types of bacteria and various viruses. Find out what you can do to protect yourself when buying new clothes.

The Doctors share 3 dishes that look great and are good for you! These unique dishes might add something special to your next meal.