Addicted to eating powdered kitchen cleanser!; Addicted to eating clay pots!; Deadly addiction to exercise!; Sugar junkie intervention!; Rare condition makes woman pull out all her hair!

For over 10 Seasons, The Doctors have profiled hundreds of courageous people who’ve shared their personal challenges with everything from exercise addiction to compulsively eating things never meant for human consumption. The Doctors Special: “Private Obs

Hair loss can be attributed to many factors. Typically, we think of male baldness, but women make up 40 percent of hair loss sufferers in America, including Melayna.

The Doctors revisit Melissa’s sweet tooth for the ‘private obsessions’ special. Melissa said she could not stop eating sugar all day long, consuming 282-pounds of sugar every year.

The Doctors revisit Erin’s story that struck a chord with viewers around the world. When Erin came to The Doctors she was spending 8 hours every day working out and says her life was completely controlled by a need to exercise.