Blood Test For Cancer? Examining Doctor Suicides; Pistachios for Weight Loss? Blaming a DUI on the Autopilot! Smartphone Pinky Syndrome? Ask The Gyno! Vanderpump Rules Exclusive! Honoring the Wounded Warrior.

Can a blood test for cancer? The reason behind doctor suicides. Can you use pistachios for weight loss? Plus, blaming a DUI on the autopilot! Does smartphone pinky syndrome really exist? And, a "Vanderpump Rules" exclusive!

The Doctors discuss a photo of what looks like a rash that couple got while sitting in the sand at the beach, but it turns out they were infected with hookworm!

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry weighs in on an inflamed pregnant belly photo that you have seen circulating online. She says despite the shocking rash, the condition is actually quite common and something expecting moms do not usually need to worry about.