Acne Meds Lead to Murder? Woman Loses Belly with Help from Dr. Travis! Your Biggest Parenting Questions Answered! Cannabis Cream Relieves High Heel Pain? Life after Double Mastectomy? Therapy Dogs Bring Smiles to Patients!

Face and Neck Skin Care Tips

The Doctors discuss how as we age our skin changes and how those changes might be more noticeable when preparing for important milestones and events.

Life after a Double Mastectomy

Liz made the tough decision to undergo a double mastectomy after watching her mother battle breast cancer. The Pink Lotus Foundation and breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk generously performed the procedure and celebrate her results.

Skin Care for Your Face and Neck

Marliyn joins The Doctors to get skin tips in preparation for her daughter’s wedding. Dermatologist and No7 spokesperson Dr. Sonia Batra recommends a serum from No7.