Drs. Investigate Fake Fragrances!; Booty Boosting Workout Pants!; Can Mouth Guards Ruin Your Smile?

Should You Get Therapy from an App?

Lots of people are using apps that offer advice, support, and mood tracking for your mental health. Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major weighs in on some of the more popular ways to get help from your smartphone.

Warning about DIY Chemical Peels

The Doctors and producer Leslie Marcus investigate medical-grade chemical peels that some people are using at home and speak with Michelle, who scarred her skin with an at-home peel.

Are Mental Health Apps Helpful?

The Doctors welcome psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major to weigh in on some of the top mental health trends including the use of apps to deal with mental illness.

How Can You Spot Fake Perfume?

The Doctors investigate fake fragrances and how to spot them so you can protect yourself against potentially illegal chemicals in black market knock-offs.