Kids with Lice Allowed to Stay in School?!; DIY Mole and Tattoo Removal?!; Freeing the Wrongfully Convicted

The Doctors have a strong warning against products which claim to be able to remove moles and skin tags at home and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra has very strong feelings about these products.

The Doctors discuss whether children with lice should be allowed to remain in class or be kept at home until cleared? They are joined by retired school nurse Deborah Pontius and Deborah Altschuler, President of National Pediculosis Association, to weigh i

More schools are doing away with their no-nit policies, but is this a risky practice or a step in the right direction. The Doctors debate with school nurse Deborah Pontius and Deborah Altschuler, the president of the National Pediculosis Association.

Music executive Jason Flom helped launch the careers of Katy Perry, Lorde and Kid Rock. Now Jason is working to free individuals who have been wrongfully convicted.

If high prices have you down, The Doctors are here to help with some retail therapy. Lifestyle expert Arlene Santana from shares how you can save.