Embarrassing Skin Tag “Down There”; United States of Addiction; Buzz or Bust; Stars Come Together for Hospitalized Children!

Jay first appeared on The Doctors earlier this season, where he asked a question about anal skin tags in our Medical Confessional. Proctologist Dr. Rosenfeld offered to remove his skin tag and we followed along for the procedure.

Nobody enjoys feeling bloated, but unfortunately, it can happen to all of us. Check out some of The Doctors favorite tips on how to de-bloat and find out why you might be feeling too full or gassy.

Could the newly FDA-approved Bridge device, which uses small electrical nerve stimulators, help reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms? Meet Anna who shares her struggle with opioid addiction and her quest to get help.

Anna tries a new device designed to help with withdrawal symptoms and undergoes implant surgery to help keep her sober. Addiction specialist Dr. Joseph DeSanto shares some of the successes he has had using this treatment combination.