Would You Erase Your Memories If You Could?; Disturbing Internet Trend Parents Need To Know!; Woman Bullied for Decades…Look at Her Now!

Brain Microchip Erases Memories?

The Doctors discuss a “brain chip” designed to manipulate memories. Makers of the chip hope to help those with degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. But could it also be used to erase bad memories?

How to Monitor Your Kids Online

How can you keep your kids safe online? Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares the best things you can do to protect your children from cyberbullying and self-cyberbullying.

Smoothie to Prevent Cancer?

Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk has dedicated her entire career to preventing and treating breast cancer. She joins The Doctors to share a smoothie recipe with the most cancer kicking compounds in a single glass.