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People getting busy on the job? Surprising number of Americans having sex at work! The truth about anti-depressants; should you take them forever? Could your periods make you anemic? Shape Magazine’s Jen Widerstrom weighs in on your fitness questions!

'Bizarre in the E.R.' Strange but true emergency room stories you won’t believe! Plus, Drs. Court discusses how an ex-inmate is suing a jail for $5 million after he claims they ignored his 91-hour surprise erection!?

Extra Holidays for Non-Smokers?

A marketing firm in Japan has started offering extra holidays to non-smoking employees to offset the frequent 15-minute smoking breaks taken by smokers. Is this a good idea?

Man Swallowed Lighter?

A 49-year-old Florida man went to the emergency room in stomach pain when docs discovered he had swallowed a lighter and it was leaking lighter fluid into his gut!