Drs. Investigate: Teenage Torture Camps?; Save My Twin’s Teeth!; Can Coffee Cause Weight Gain?

Twins Nicole and Kimberly share many similarities. One of them is suffering from an unknown condition that is stealing her smile. They have come to The Doctors for help with her medical mystery.

The Doctors discuss a study in the Journal of Food Science that found that coffee temporarily changes our taste buds and decreases our ability to perceive sweetness, which may cause you to desire more sugar after drinking it.

Could your morning cup of coffee (or your afternoon pick-me-up) cause you to gain weight? The Doctors discuss a new study that could have you thinking twice before pouring yourself a cup!

With summer fast approaching, some parents might be considering sending their children to summer camp or even possibly a program aimed at correcting or improving behavior.

The Doctors put a new “crease release” product to the test that claims to get rid of the vertical lines on your face in a matter of minutes with no downtime. Does it work?