Woman fired for menstrual cycle?; Mom’s medication blamed for baby’s death?; Skin rash led to shocking diagnosis!

How to Spot Body Brokering

The Doctors are joined by Satori Waters founder Dr. Barry Reiman, who shares the red flags people need to look out for when choosing and selecting treatment facilities for those battling an addiction.

Body Brokering: Profiting off of Addicts

The Doctors continue to examine the opioid epidemic in our United States of Addiction series, this time we investigate the fraudulent profiting off of those suffering from addiction, which is called body brokering.

Woman Fired for Having Her Menstrual Cycle?

Could a woman be fired for having period leakage while at work? The Doctors discuss the case of a woman from Georgia who is suing her employer after claiming she was fired for having issues related to her period while on the job.