Is Youth Football Child Abuse?; Woman’s Gastric Band Nightmare!; Mom Claims Marijuana Killed Her Son!

Is Letting Kids Play Football Equivalent to Child Abuse?

Is allowing kids to play contact football equivalent to child abuse? The Doctors welcome neuropathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu and former NFL star Kyle Turley to discuss this hot-button issue. We examine whether the risk of concussion while playing the popula

Constipation Crisis!

More Americans are experiencing chronic constipation – what can you do about it? Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld joins The Doctors to share what you can do to enjoy going number two.

Woman's Gastric Band Nightmare!

Gastric bands might provide weight loss for may, but according to a new report, there are more surgeries to remove gastric band devices than to implant them. The Doctors meet a woman who removed hers after dealing with a gastric band nightmare.