EXCLUSIVE: Army Nurse Set on Fire by her Co-Worker? 4 Year Old Duct-Taped at Daycare? Cops Conduct Cavity Search, Down There…Over Pot? “Return to the Womb” Therapy? Breast Milk…for Big Bites?

The Doctors discuss a unique offering from a Japanese therapist – swaddling adults in a tight bound sheet to relieve stress. Vice writer Justin Caffier joins to discuss his firsthand experience while The Doctors try and recreate the experience on stage.

1st Lieutenant Katie Blanchard joins The Doctors to share her firsthand experience after being set on fire by a coworker. See the incredible surprises The Doctors have in store for her.

Our bodies can't make Omega-3s but, they can be vital to good health. Cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum joins The Doctors to explain two ways people may be able to get Omega-3s.

A shocking picture of a 4-year-old duct taped to a chair was posted on social media by daycare staff. The Doctors weigh in on this offense.