Your Therapy, Thigh Chaffing and Periods After Giving Birth Questions Answered

Playing Alternatives to Traditional Talk Therapy

The Doctors are celebrating National Women’s Health Week with Women’s Health Magazine’s fitness director Jen Ator, who joins us to answer important viewer questions about therapy, thigh chaffing from exericising and periods.

Are there alternatives to traditional talk therapy?: Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho suggests “walk and talk” therapy, explaining that it is often helpful for people who might be shy or are dealing with anxiety issues. She also says it can be helpful for people with ADHD or even people dealing with trauma. She likes how both the patient and the therapist are “on an even playing field” and walking side-by-side, as issues are being discussed. Jen adds that she likes the idea of physically moving forward while addressing an issue and also loves the added exercise element to going for a walk while opening up about a problem.

Ways to prevent thigh chaffing during a workout: A viewer says during the summer months she gets “chub rub” on her thighs while exercising and is looking for ways to prevent it. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra explains this is a common issue that can affect even those without the “chub.” Jen, who is an avid runner, suggest testing out your exercise clothes before embarking on a major workout to find out if they will prevent the chaffing or not. She suggests using a petroleum jelly or any zinc-based product (like a diaper paste) to help create a barrier. The Doctors also suggest wearing moisture-wicking clothes.

After giving birth, when should I expect my period to return?: The Doctors address this question that comes from a first-time new mom. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry explains if a woman does not breastfeed, the period could return in 4 to 8 weeks. But if you are breastfeeding, you can go without your period for 6 months or longer. She says the longer you breastfeed the longer you will go without having your period. And once you stop breastfeeding, the period should return in around 3 months. Dr. Nita also notes that it’s possible to ovulate a few weeks (and possible to get pregnant) before period returns.

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