Is Your Keyboard, Keys and Smartphone Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat?

Playing This is How Dirty Your Keyboard, Keys and Phone Actually Are

The Doctors are doing the dirty work once again! This time we're testing keyboards, keys, and smartphones to find out if they are dirtier than a toilet seat!

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Keyboards - We swabbed and tested a computer keyboard and found it was 5 times dirtier than a toilet seat and was crawling with bacteria.

Keys - This item was surprising not as dirty as a toilet seat. The Doctors note that this item is often not handled by anyone other than you and possibly the material of keys might not lend itself to the build-up of bacteria. 

Smartphone - This item was the dirtiest item we tested! The Doctors share that 16 percent of cell phones reportedly have fecal matter on them.

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The Doctors note in most cases coming into contact with bacteria is not something you need to be too alarmed about as most germs are harmless. Of course, wash your hands regularly, and always after using the restroom. They also suggest cleaning items you handle -- like your phone and keyboard -- from time to time.