Your Cellulite, Spider Veins and SPF Questions Answered!

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The Doctors are answering your pressing questions about your skin!

Is there a solution for cellulite?: Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says 80 to 90 percent of women will experience some form of cellulite after puberty and she notes that it is genetic. She says one the best things to do in combating it is weight loss and exercise. She says endurance type exercise can thicken the skin and hide the cellulite better. The Doctors also say massage therapy can possibly help temporarily minimize cellulite. Dr. Batra also notes there are some higher tech options available, like laser and needles treatments, but she says none of them are cures.

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What can be done about spider veins?: Dr. Batra says keeping your legs elevated and wearing compression stockings can help with spider veins. If those options are not successful, she says a series of injections and laser treatments can be used to treat the veins.

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What strength SPF do I really need?: Dr. Batra says she tells her patients that an SPF 30 has a 97 percent UV block rate and she notes that anything above this is just "icing on the cake." She also recommends getting a sunblock that is a "broad spectrum" type, which will block both UVA and UVB. And of course, always wear your hat, sunglasses and reapply that sunblock!