Yoga for Your Dog?

Playing Should You Be Doing Yoga with Your Dog?

Yes! There is a class in New York called “doga” and The Doctors talk with the class’ creator, veterinarian and instructor Dr. Danni Shemanski.

Dr. Shemanski says yoga is a great way for pets and their owners to socialize and spend quality time together. It allows owners to “giggle it out” and de-stress. It gives dogs that undivided attention that they look forward to all day.

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Dr. Shemanski explains it’s a choreographed class so that owners and pets are doing yoga poses together. Both parties feel good because they are both stretching. She also says it’s a great way for owners to feel if their dogs have arthritis or if they are a little sore in some joints.

Dr. Shemanski shares that sometimes there is chaos and it’s a little less than zen, but she wants dogs to come to the vet and feel like it’s a great place to be.

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Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said at first, he thought it was such a gimmick, but Dr. Shemanski doesn’t even charge for this class. She hopes it will inspire people to have fun and see it as a creative way to spend time with their pets. She thinks if people want to donate to their local shelter, people should do that.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says he wishes he could take his bulldog, Lulu, to yoga and asks, “How do bulldogs do in yoga?” Dr. Shemanski says, “they’re a little stiff… but look just as cute as everybody else!”

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