Would You Use Kitchen Colander or Horse Shampoo on Your Hair?

Playing Social Media Beauty Tips to Avoid with Celebrity Hair Stylist Jonathan Antin

The Doctors welcome celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin to weigh in on some unique beauty tips that are popular on social media and decide if they are a "hack or wack."

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A kitchen colander used as a DIY diffuser?: Jonathan notes that many colanders are metal and it could easily heat up and fry your hair, he does not like this and deems it "wack." He suggests using your hand and a hairdryer instead to create curls.

Lace front wig for men?: He notes that these types of wigs, which are taped to the head, can be pricey. The stylist feels that men who are losing their hair should just embrace the baldness and shave their head. He dubs this "wack."

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Horse shampoo for humans?: Despite claims that it makes hair thicker, Jonathan says there are no clinical studies or proof which support the claims that it helps with hair growth. He deems this "wack" as well. Instead, he suggests combing your hair and exfoliating your scalp in order to help condition your hair.