Would You try a Broccolatte or Mushroom Chocolate? The Doctors Did!

Playing ‘Brocco-Latte’ and Mushroom Chocolate – Food Buzz or Culinary Bust?

The Doctors try out two unique health foods. The first is a broccolatte which is an espresso shot, broccoli powder and steamed milk. ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork comments that he loves his coffee and the health benefits of broccoli but after one sip he screams out “BUST!” OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry agrees yet plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon doesn’t think it tastes that bad!

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The second food they taste is chocolate with added mushroom. Dr. Ordon shares that the stuff is a bit expensive but you don’t need a big piece. Dr. Travis gives it a taste and exclaims that he is giving it a buzz! Dr. Ordon likes it too and also gives it a buzz. Dr. Nita? “Of all the things you’ve given me to eat… this would be in my top three of dislike category, it’s that bad to me,” she shares. That’s a bust from her!

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While both products are healthy, it goes back to individual taste! Would you give either one of these a try?