Would You Pay for Personalized Baby Names?

Playing Would you Pay a Service to Help Name Your Baby?

Are you having trouble picking a name for your baby? A company is now providing a list of personalized baby names for soon-to-be parents, but it will come at a cost. 

The company Future Perfect Name charges up to $350 dollars for a curated list of possible baby names that have been researched examining elements like how the name sounds, the meaning of the name, how they look on the page, and how the name will fit in with the rest of the family names.

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So what do The Doctors think about paying to name your child?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra likes the concept, sharing that she and her husband dealt with a lot of unwanted advice from friends and family about what name to select for her two children. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has triplets, also likes the idea because he and his wife had to come up with 6 possible name options and felt like the process was very stressful.

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If you and your partner are having troubling picking the right name, a baby-naming service might be the solution you need!


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