Working from Home Tips for Productivity and Success

Working from home

Working at home is the new normal for many and you may find yourself distracted, less focused, and possibly not as productive, but The Doctors have tips to help you succeed while working remotely.

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Popsugar shares its top 5 tips to help boost your productivity and keep you on track, which includes:

Start the day in proper work mode: You might find yourself starting the day off with the mindset of not wanting to work, and Popsugar suggests reminding yourself to be grateful for your job and your health. They suggest making sure to eat breakfast, be active before starting work, and take a moment to center yourself, noting, "Getting you into the attitude of gratitude helps alleviate the risk of being unmotivated and uninspired." 

Create a schedule and stick to it: Now that business hours can be in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at night, the experts say to create a schedule that best fits your routine and stick with it. Having a routine will help to keep you on track and cut down on distractions and things that can pull you away from your work. Also, be mindful of having an out time and try to avoid working all day and night. A balance between work and personal time will be your key to success.

Identify distractions and remove them from your workspace: Are your checking social media too often, distracted by personal email, or scrolling through headlines for too long? Try to limit your distractions until you've completed your work for the day. Popsugar even suggests turning off your phone and the internet if possible. 

Create your best working mood: Are you listening to music or a podcast while working? Upbeat and positive music may help you stay focused, positive, and productive. The Doctors have found that keeping the TV off during work hours is also helpful.

Stick to your boundaries: You may be working from home, but keeping healthy and established boundaries with family and friends about when you're available is important. Remember it is always acceptable to tell someone you will be in touch after your workday has ended.

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The Doctors also stress that your workspace (this includes your desk, chair, and computer set-up) should meet all your needs and not negatively affect your health. Get our guide for the work-from-home essentials needed for optimal health.

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