Work from Home Tips during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Working from home
Working from home

Has the coronavirus landed you at home with your work laptop and now you're wondering how to still effectively do your job remotely? First, leave the couch and change out of those sweats pants!

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The Doctors are sharing tips (from our homes because we're practicing social distancing) on how to best work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Create a Dedicated Space

Find somewhere in your home that can serve as your new workstation, preferably not the couch and not in front of the TV. USA Today suggests if you do not have a desk option, your dining room table can work. Try to find somewhere that lends to concentration and with as few distractions as possible -- we're talking about those snacks you have stockpiled.

No PJs or Sweatpants and Take a Shower!

Forbes stresses that sticking to your normal work routine will be key. It might seem like a dream to roll out of bed and plop yourself in front of your laptop, but showering and at least putting on non-lounge clothes is bound to make your feel more productive. Plus, you might need to unexpectedly video conference and do you want your manager seeing you in your pajamas?

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Be Mindful of Work-From-Home Isolation

If you are normally surrounded by co-workers and now you working alone in your home, loneliness is bound to happen. NPR suggests building in chat time (via Slack, video conferencing or even the phone) with co-workers that is social and not necessarily work-related. It is important to remain social and share news with each other, especially good news during your workday. Music or a podcast (like The Doctors Podcast with Travis Stork) can also help with the isolation.

Build in Breaks and Keep Your Body Moving

Now that your desk is just feet away from the bathroom and where you're getting lunch, you're going to need to build in more psychical activity to make sure you're getting enough steps in, CBS News notes. Make sure to take a walk during your lunch break, remember it is safe to go outside, simply stay away from crowds. If you prefer staying active in the house, The Doctors recommend this at-home workout and this workout that can be done from your couch!

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Stay Connected, but Log off at the End of the Day

Communication will be key with your team and manager, and USA Today and CBS News both note that conveying ideas and instructions is a little harder while working remotely. Don't be afraid to hop on the phone if needed, and keep the right people in the loop about breaks and schedules. When the day is over, Buzzfeed suggests logging off and giving yourself a clear transition from work mode (maybe it's time for another walk!). They also note that having clearly defined work hours is key, as it can be easy to overwork yourself.

*Stay informed on the latest information on the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization and learn about prevention methods and what to do if you are infected.


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