Woman's Smartphone May Have Saved Her Life!

Playing Woman Suffering a Stroke Saved by Her Smartphone

The Doctors discuss the case of a woman whose life may have been saved thanks in part to her phone!

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They explain that a woman was video chatting with her sister when the sister noticed that her sibling's face was dropping and her sister began slurring her words. The woman was reportedly having a stroke in the middle of their video chat. Luckily, the woman immediately sought medical help.

The Doctors say that tests revealed the woman was suffering from a blood clot in the brain which caused a stroke.

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Signs of a possible stroke include:

  • Facial drooping
  • Arm weakness
  • Speech difficulty

The Doctors say if you or anyone you are with (or are video chatting with) is experiencing any of these signs to act fast and to call 911. They stress that quicker someone receives treatment the better.