Woman's Quest to Look Like a Living Plastic Doll

Playing A Look Back at the Real Life ‘Barbie’

The Doctors look back at some of our most memorable guests who have gone to extreme plastic surgery lengths, including the woman who says she has spent nearly half a million dollars to look like a doll.

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Nannette said, "I just always thought Barbie was so amazingly beautiful." She told us that she had two breast augmentations, Botox injections, and filler injections. She also says she loves to tan and has a tanning bed in her home.

When asked about the drastic measures she has gone to alter her appearance and when questioned about how it might be affecting her mental health, Nannette told us,"I just feel better about myself."

The Doctors expressed their concerns for Nannette and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork warned her, "You are doing things to yourself that are going to greatly shorten your lifespan."

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One area of particular concern was her excessive tanning. The Doctors shared that her continued tanning could increase her risk of developing skin cancer. Nannette informed us that she is checked twice a year for possible skin cancer.