Woman's Pimple Turns out to Be Fly Larva?!

Playing Fly Larvae Found in Woman’s Groin after Her Honeymoon!

One Florida woman brought back more than just fond memories from her honeymoon; she returned with the larva of a human botfly under her skin! Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra explains this infection is called Myiasis. It usually occurs after traveling to somewhere tropical. Either a fly or mosquito carrying eggs on them bites someone and deposits those eggs into their skin. The bite looks like a pimple or a sore.

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This woman thought she had a pimple on her groin, and the first doctor she went to thought it was an infected bite and prescribed her antibiotics. Luckily, the second doctor could see it was a firm mound with some movement underneath it! 

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Dr. Batra explains the two ways to treat this. The first is to use local anesthesia to numb the area and then the doctor will make an incision to remove the larva. The second way is to actually suffocate the larva! In order for it to breathe it needs to be parallel to the skin. You can use petroleum jelly or even bacon to cut off the air supply and then the larva will actually have to come out of the skin. Grab those tweezers and catch that larva!

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