Woman's Mysterious 7-Year Running Nose!

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Playing Runny Nose for 7 Years?

The Doctors are joined by Teresa, who has endured a daily and constant running nose for 7 years! Can they help her?

The 72-year-old says she goes through around 2 boxes of tissue every day, and no matter where she goes, she has to bring along a box of tissue.

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"It just drips and drips and drips," she says. "It's all the time and non-stop." She shares that the discharge is clear and prior to her 7-year drip, she says she did not have problems with allergies. She also shares she has been to the doctor for this issue and has tried a variety of decongestants, medications, sprays and a neti pot.

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Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon says he believes she could be dealing with an overactive nasal rhinitis, which is an exaggerated nasal secretion. He also explains that there is a condition called geriatric rhinitis, which is a constant running of the nose that occurs during someone's elder years.

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He suggests that Teresa speak with her doctor about finding the appropriate decongestant, which may help to slow down her nasal drainage. Dr. Ordon also says a nerve block at the back of her nose might also help with her issue.