This Woman Spent $50,000 to Look like Who?

Playing Woman Spends $50K to Look like Animated Character?

The Doctors discuss a 26-year-old Californian woman who reportedly spent more than $50,000 to look like the animated character, Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry asks plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon “When does a plastic surgeon have an obligation to say no ethically?”

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Dr. Ordon says he would like to think that a mainstream board-certified plastic surgeon would say no. He shares that this woman also wants bigger boobs and a Brazilian Butt Lift, and clearly has body dysmorphia.

Dr. Ordon explains that part of a plastic surgeon’s examination is to make sure that the person is doing the surgery for the right reasons. ER physician Dr. Jedidiah Ballard says that at this point, agreeing to do her surgery is basically assisting a mental health disorder.

Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?

The Doctors all hope this woman gets the help she needs and that no surgeon agrees to perform any more procedures on her.