Woman Says She Lost Her Belly Fat With the Help of Dr. Travis

Playing Dr. Travis Helped Me Lose My Belly!

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork welcomes another “The Lose Your Belly Diet” success story.

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Stacyann tells us that she struggled to lose weight after giving birth to her kids. She says she tried exercising and calorie counting, but says the results were "slow and painful." After seeing an episode of The Doctors, she decided to try Dr. Travis' diet and says she found success.

"It was easy," she says of Dr. Travis diet. She shares that she now feels she has more energy than ever before and has taken up running and at 41 years old she can run a very impressive 7 miles. 

Her approach to food now is, "I get up. I colonize and I feel my colony." She says the diet did not change where she shopped and she did not have to hunt down hard to find items.

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Dr. Travis adds, "You eat the foods that feed you and you can change your life."

"The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life," is published by Ghost Mountain Books, which is owned, in part, by The Doctors’ Executive Producer. You can pick up a special edition of The Lose Your Belly Diet, with a bonus chapter and recipes included, at select Sam’s Club and Walmart locations.