Woman Returns after Jaw Pain Destroyed Her Life

Playing A Look Back at a Woman with a Rare and Painful Jaw Disorder

When The Doctors first met Sacheen in 2016, her life had become consumed with her jaw pain and a dependency on pain pills to treat her rare disorder

She was dealing with the rare jaw disorder Hemimandibular Hyperplasia and was experiencing intense and constant pain. At the time she told us she was limited to a liquid diet, did not leave her house and was not working. Also, her insurance company had deemed the surgery necessary to fix her jaw disorder as “cosmetic" and to treat the pain, she was on oxycodone and morphine, which her family worried had become an addiction.

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“I’m terrified to have to live on pain medication for the rest of my life,” she told us in 2016. “I’m not a mother to my kids anymore... I’m just a prisoner in my home… I’m in bed every day with migraines."

We enlisted the help of oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Steven Kupferman and psychiatrist Dr. Tim Hutton to find out what can be done to help Sacheen get her life back... and we're pleased to welcome back Sacheen with an amazing update on her health.

"I feel fabulous!" a beaming and smiling Sacheen says. Dr. Kupferman explains that Sacheen underwent a meticulous and complicated 8-hour surgery on her jaw.

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Sacheen also completed 30 days in rehab for her addiction to prescription medications and shares her advice for others struggling. "I never thought I would be addicted to pain pills... and I was a zombie, and they didn't work. I was still in pain... it wasn't until I quit taking the medications that I truly became pain-free."

Sacheen's partner Arturo says of his wife's phenomenal progress, "I'm so proud of her. He adds, "There was a point in time when I almost gave up," explaining that her road to recovery was rough and took longer then he expected, but is so thankful she fought so hard to get her addiction under control.

Now that her life is back on track, Sacheen shares she plans on getting married Arturo and she also wants to learn how to golf because he loves the sport and wants to enjoy it with him. The Doctors surprise her with 10 golf lessons, clubs and a new driver courtesy of GolfTec. 


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