Woman Plays Flute During Her Own Brain Surgery?!

Playing Why Did a Woman Play the Flute during Brain Surgery?!

The Doctors share footage from an incredible brain surgery in which a woman actually was awake and played the flute while doctors operated on her! Anna suffered from a hereditary essential termor yet was able to play the flute for over 50 years, despite her condition. In the last few years, her termor worsened and affected her ability to play.

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Anna underwent deep brain stimulation surgery in which electrodes were surgically placed into her brain to reduce her tremor. In order to get the best results, Anna played the flute while awake during the procedure, so doctors could fine-tune the electrical impulses which successfully reduced her tremor.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landy explains essential tremors, which is what Anna has, can be very disruptive; they occur when someone is trying to do something, as opposed to Parkinson's, in which the tremors occur at rest. 

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Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon says this is one of the coolest things he has seen on their show in the past eleven years! This treatment is an exciting innovation in neurology and has the potential to correct other neurological disorders in the future.

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