Woman Impaled by Eyeliner Pencil!

Playing How Woman Got Impaled By Eyeliner Pencil?!

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

This story is a reminder to never do your makeup in a moving vehicle. The Doctors discuss the case of a woman who was applying eyeliner in the back of the cab when the cab crashed resulting in the eyeliner getting lodged into her eye. 

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Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon expert Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler explains this woman “must have had Lucky Charms for breakfast,” because she astonishingly walked out of this retaining her vision in that eye. Dr. Boxer Wachler explains how rare it was that the pencil barely missed the eye and went into the conjunctival membrane next to her eye, not puncturing the eye, popping it, and leaving her blind on that side! 

The woman did the correct thing, and just like when other body parts are penetrated by a foreign object, she left the eyeliner as it was for doctors to remove it. She could have caused greater injury by trying to remove it herself. 

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Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra admits she has applied makeup in the back of a rideshare when in rush but after hearing this story, never again!