Woman Drops 4 Dress Sizes in One Day

Playing Woman Drops 4 Dress Sizes after the Removal of 20-Pound Tumor

How did Kim lose 4 dress sizes in one day?! It’s not due to some rapid weight-loss secret. Kim’s swift transformation was due to the removal of a 20-pound tumor! Dr. Ajay Maker, the surgical oncologist who performed the procedure joins The Doctors to discuss Kim’s unusual case.

Dr. Maker reports that Kim is now doing well after the tumor, the size of two basketballs, was removed. He explains that Kim had a very rare form of cancer, a sarcoma, which is less than 1% of all cancers.

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You may wonder, "How did Kim not know something was wrong?" Over the course of 3 years, as this tumor grew, she had convinced herself she had just put on weight. However, she did have symptoms such as constipation, weight-gain paired with a decrease in appetite, and feeling bloated. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that if the tumor is buried deep inside the abdominal cavity you may not be able to feel it. Additionally, these symptoms are very nondescript.

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Dr. Maker shares how Kim went to doctors for years before seeing him and originally, doctors thought she was untreatable. The Doctors encourage viewers to ask for a second opinion if they are first told something is untreatable. Dr. Travis reminds viewers that if you have symptoms similar to Kim’s, with an increase in weight and a decrease in appetite, that alone is a red flag and you should share that information with your doctor.