Woman Delivered Baby in a Hotel Room Moments after Realizing She Was Pregnant!

Playing Woman Watches How-To Birth Videos To Deliver Surprise Baby Alone

She thought the cramps were probably food poisoning as she touched down in Istanbul after her long international flight. Tia Freeman hopped in a cab and after arriving at her hotel room she finally realized that she was not only pregnant but also in labor.

Tia searched online “how to deliver a baby” and went into action! In only a matter of minutes, Tia gave birth to her son, Xavier. She shares that she used shoe strings and a pocket knife to cut the umbilical cord, a hotel sanitary bag for her placenta, and a hotel towel to bite down on while in pain and another one to wrap her son in after he was born.

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Tia joins The Doctors to share more of this shocking experience. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks the question many people are probably wondering, “How did you not know you were pregnant?!”

Tia shares that she only gained about 20 pounds throughout her pregnancy. She was on a birth control where she didn’t get her periods so missing one was never a hint. She had no other side effects besides for her stomach rounding a bit.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon asks why she opted for a hotel instead of a hospital. Tia shares that since she thought it could be food poisoning she didn’t want to go to a hospital for that on her 17-hour layover. When the idea of being pregnant materialized, Tia still thought it could be a false labor so she decided to stay in her hotel room.

Tia was extremely lucky – she said she had no complications during birth. “It went super smoothly.”

The Doctors comment on how impressive it is that she was able to be the mom, coach, and doctor all at the same time during her delivery. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra marvels that the resources were so readily available online.

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Dr. Travis asks Tia if there was a point where she realized she had been in denial? Tia says there was a super element of denial! Even when going into labor, she kept hoping it wasn’t what it was!

The Doctors say there is a reason why at that stage of late pregnancy obstetricians don’t advise traveling abroad. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry points out that pregnant women are at an increased risk of blood clots that could go to the lungs and be life-threatening.

The Doctors stress the importance of having a plan in place when traveling abroad if you are pregnant or have any other medical condition. You should research where you are going, where the nearest hospital is and figure out what the emergency number is if it's a foreign country.