Will the Galvanic Facial Make You Red Carpet Ready?

Playing Watch Our Galvanic Facial Loved by Celebrities like Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore

Could a facial favorite of Hillary Duff and Mandy Moore help you look red carpet ready?

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The Doctors test out the latest facial craze, the galvanic facial with esthetician Carol from Face Place. She explains what makes this facial so unique is a low-frequency current that moves in one direction and stimulates muscle tissue which tightens and tones the skin. She says it also stimulates cellular regeneration, which can help with the production of collagen. She also tells The Doctors that it stimulates blood flow, which nourishes and oxygenates the skin.

“We’re working the skin out, while we’re feeding it a really nourishing and hydrating meal. right after we did very thorough extractions,“ Carol tells The Doctors.

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Viewer Yelena undergoes the galvanic facial and she tells us her cheeks and nose are tingling during the beauty treatment. Find out how the facial turned out for her!


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