Will Stores Run out of Food or Pet Food Due to Coronavirus?

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Long lines in front of supermarkets and empty store shelves might have you worried food supplies are running low or could stop due to the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, but The Doctors are here to reassure that is not the case.

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Will Coronavirus Hurt the Production or Supply of Food?

The FDA says no. "Retail supply chains remain strong, and we are working with food manufacturers and grocery stores to closely monitor the human and animal food supply chain for any shortages. The agency is in close contact with industry and its trade associations, which are in touch with their members about supply chain issues... we are pleased to report there are currently no widespread disruptions reported in the supply chain," Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, Commissioner of Food and Drugs - Food and Drug Administration, recently said in a statement.

What about the Empty Shelves in Stores?

This is due to more people buying not a shortage, according to the FDA, which says, "Empty grocery shelves are largely due to unprecedented demand – not a lack of capacity to produce, process and deliver.  Manufacturers and retailers are working around the clock to replenish shelves."

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Should I Worry about Getting Pet Food?

Again, the FDA says there is no shortage of food for pets, "The same is true for animal food. The FDA is monitoring the availability of foods for livestock and pets. There are no shortages, and no current disruptions in the pet and livestock food supply chain."

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*Stay informed on the latest information on the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization and learn about prevention methods and what to do if you are infected.

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