Will Melatonin Help You Lose Weight?

Playing Does Taking Melatonin Lead to Weight Loss?

Could the supplement melatonin, which some people take to fall asleep, also lead to weight loss?

The Doctors discuss a study which found that taking the supplement may increase fat loss. They note the study was performed on animals and explain the supplement may help to increase levels of brown fat (which helps to burn energy and produce heat) in the body and also decrease levels of intraabdominal fat (the fat inside someone's stomach and surrounds the organs).

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But before you start taking melatonin in the hopes of losing weight, The Doctors caution that the supplement is not regulated in the same way other medications are and share a variety of possible sides effects which include an increase in blood sugar levels, feelings of grogginess, and possibly experiencing bad dreams.

They also note that melatonin has been inconsistent when it comes to treating insomnia and ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork says he feels the supplement often has a placebo effect on individuals who take it as a sleep aid.

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In order to sleep better, Dr. Travis recommends turning off all your devices while in bed and making sure you sleep in a dark room, which can help the body secrete it's own melatonin hormone to help you fall asleep naturally.

And as always, speak with your doctor before taking any vitamin or supplement.


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