Will Essential Oils Improve Your Health?

Playing Essential Oils to Help Improve Your Health?

The Doctors are joined by Puneet Nanda, creator of GuruNanda Essential Oils, to share how the use of oils may improve your health.

Puneet says his favorite oil is oregano oil, which he claims helped him stopped sneezing. He takes 3 drops of oregano oil, 3 times a day (with a lot of water) after breakfast, lunch and dinner. If he is having a respiratory issue, he adds 1 drop to hot water and inhales the vapors and says he feels an improvement instantly.

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He notes that essential oils are very potent and that "dilution is key." Some of his over favorite essential oils include:

Rosemary: He says this can act as a tonic for your nervous system and can help with memory, concentration, and focus. He notes only to use this oil in a diffuser, as it is very potent.

Coriander: He explains this oil, diluted with coconut oil, when applied to the stomach can calm your digestive system. 

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The Doctors note that essential oils are not regulated by the FDA and to always check the indigents for the oil before using.


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