Will Drinking Vinegar Improve Gut Health?

Playing Does Drinking Vinegar Help with Gut Health?

The Doctors often speak about having a healthy gut and eating foods with probiotics to help with that. When the food trend of drinking vinegar took off, The Doctors had to check it out.

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The drinks are given a "wack!" by The Doctors, mainly due to their high sugar content. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra acknowledges that probiotic drinks with live cultures are great to balance out the flora in the stomach yet you need to check the labels to make sure they're not too high in sugar. Fermented drinks, like kombucha, that have flavors that are more tart than sweet, are likely a better choice.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry also notes that you never want to drink straight vinegar. It can wear down teeth enamel, mess up the esophagus and the stomach, as well as lower your potassium. 

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The best way to get good bacteria into your gut is to get probiotics and vinegar from your diet. Foods like sauerkraut, tempeh, and yogurt are all gut-friendly foods to try out!