Will Aaron Carter's Mom Jane Get Help for Alcohol Abuse?

Playing ‘Being a Mother of Popstars is Like Living in a Tornado’ Shares Jane Carter

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Aaron Carter returns to The Doctors for the first time since 2017, this time seeking help for his mom Jane Carter, who the singer believes is struggling from a crippling and decades-old alcohol addiction. Can The Doctors help yet another member of the Carter family?

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Jane tells us being the mom to 2 pop stars, Aaron and Nick Carter, felt like "living in a tornado." When her kids were coming up in the music world, Jane says she would only drink "a few shots a day," but when she wasn't touring with them, she drank up to an entire bottle of alcohol each day in secret. She says her husband's infidelity, their subsequent divorce, the death of her daughter, and negative press also contributed to her drinking. Now, Jane says she drinks daily and goes through a whole pint of vodka by 12 noon.

The mother of Aaron and Nick shares her drinking has ruined her relationships, including with her son Nick, who does not speak to her after Jane spoke poorly of Nick's wife Lauren.

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Jane joins son Aaron and Dr. Travis Stork and clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho on stage, where she describes her day, which begins with early morning drinking, followed by a nap, then after she "sobers up," she goes to her job as a restaurant server. She tells The Doctors if she does not drink, she vomits, experiences aches and pains and does not feel motivated. Like Aaron, she also fears drinking could end her life. 

"I really don't wanna die. I want to be there for everybody. I want to be there for my grandchildren," Jane tells Aaron and The Doctors.

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Jane agrees with The Doctors that she is stuck in a cycle of alcohol abuse, which is destroying her relationships, and possibly her health. She says she's willing to "anything" to make the important changes in her life and stop drinking, including getting professional help. To help Jane, we welcome Holly Wagner, VP and Program Director of Ocean Hills Recovery, who offer Aaron's mom substance abuse treatment with a medically supervised detox.

Jane accepts the offer of treatment and leaves our stage to begin her recovery. Aaron says he "cautiously optimistic" about his mom and encourages others who have a family member dealing with addiction to not give on them as they are struggling with a disease.

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The Doctors wish Jane all the best with her recovery and hope to share a positive update on her health in the future.



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