Wild and Creative Skincare Treatments and Products!

Playing Dragon Blood Fights What Antibiotics Can’t?

The Doctors are always looking at the latest creative approaches to health and beauty and at times we examine ideas and products that some might find a little wild -- like say using dragon blood?

The panel discusses research being done with Komodo dragon blood, which contains unique anti-microbial peptides that can help fight infections. The giant lizards live with up to 50 types of bacteria in their mouth and usually never develop infections. Researchers hope the animal's unique blood could one day be used to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans.

In addition to possibly using lizard blood for health, another unique segment was when The Doctors examined how some people are using fat from dead people as a facial filler.


And another new approach to healing -- possibly a little less creepy than giant lizards and cadavers, see how fish skin is being used to heal wounds and help to human tissue regenerate.


The Doctors also looked at a more vegan unique skincare approach which uses the trendy superfood quinoa. But is quinoa used as an exfoliator a hack or whack idea? See what dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra thinks.


As for a simple approach to possibly firm skin, find out what The Doctors think about using water bottles to "cup" the face.


And for our most glamorous and unique approach to skincare and beauty, find out what Dr. Batra thinks about getting a liquid gold face treatment. Find out if going for the gold when it comes to your skin is worth it or not!