Why Yoga Is Much More Than Your Average Workout

Playing Is Naked Yoga Good for Your Mental Health?

Yoga has become mainstream over the years and lately, there are all types of different yoga classes out there. From the seemingly crazy trends to the life-changing benefits, The Doctors have shared the latest in yoga. Check out some of those videos.

Naked yoga may seem like an unlikely place to find Dana, a woman who has suffered from an eating disorder, but she actually says it has helped with her recovery. 

A New York-based yoga instructor works with her clients, who suffer from scoliosis, to change the curvatures of their backs and the before and after photos speak for themselves!

The Doctors are joined by a Nicole, a “toega expert.” Nicole shows The Doctors the benefits of doing yoga for your toes explaining how doing so benefits the entire body.

Even your four-legged friends can get in on the gains of yoga. Dr. Danni Shemanski is a “doga” instructor and shares how this practice helps the socialization of the dogs and is a great way for both dog and owner to destress and bond. 

Yoga plus a salt bath equals double the benefits. The Doctors share the latest on why this trend could be great for your health. 

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