Why Is This Woman Sweating Purple?!

Playing Woman’s Sweat is Purple? Find out Why!

Dawn joins The Doctors in the audience to ask a question: "Why am I sweating purple?!" Dawn explains for the past 13 years, on and off, she will randomly find she has purple sweat coming from her pores!

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Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra says she believes Dawn has a rare condition called chromhidrosis, which means, colored sweat. The eccrine gland secretes a certain type of sweat and it can sometimes produce pigment. It could be all different colors but Dawn's is purple! It's not really understood why, but it's been reported in dermatology journals for almost one hundred years.

A study came out last year which found the condition may have something to do with exposure to heavy metals. About 80% of participants had copper-containing IUDs or drank mineral water. She tells Dawn if this is what she has, it can be diagnosed with a blood test, a urine test, and a biopsy.

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There is another type of this disorder, called pseudochromhidrosis, where there is still colored sweat but it is a result of something outside of the body. That could be a bacteria, a dye, a certain toxin on the skin, etc. If all the other testing comes out negative, there may we a way to fix pseudochromhidrosis by withdrawing whatever is causing it. 

Dawn jokes that she thought she might be an alien, so the good news is, she's not!

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