Why Psychedelics Like Psilocybin Mushrooms & Ayahuasca Are Popular with Moms

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Playing Is It Safe to DIY Psychedelics for Your Mental Health?

Psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca are popular with a group of people you might not suspect -- moms. The Doctors investigate how some are taking a DIY approach to their mental health with the use of these psychedelics.

Microdosing mom Melissa says she began experiencing chronic pain while pregnant and it lead to depression. Her doctor offered to prescribe her an antidepressant, but she wanted to battle it with "a more natural way," but found nothing really helped. After she gave birth, she says her depression spiraled, she began hearing voices and was having suicidal thoughts.

Melissa shares she learned about the potential benefits of psilocybin mushrooms and bought the spores online and began growing them in her bedroom closet. Previously, she had zero experience with psychedelic drugs, and she began taking under a quarter of a gram of mushrooms each day.

She took the mushrooms with her morning vitamins at breakfast and tells us she noticed a change in her mental health during the first week of microdosing. She feels taking the mushrooms is similar to the feeling of getting 8 hours of sleep, having a great workout, showering, and having a good cup of coffee.

"It was like my lights turned on again. I felt hopeful and like I could finally start to put the pieces of my life back together," she says of microdosing.

When she ran out of mushrooms, Melissa turned to ayahuasca -- a plant-based psychedelic -- which she says, "truly got to the core of my issues and healed me in a long-lasting permanent way." She contends using ayahuasca and undergoing multiple guided sessions has helped her become the mom, wife, and employee that she has longed to be. 

She says the last time she used ayahuasca was in March 2020 and says she will continue to use it for the rest of her life, along with traditional therapy. Leslie also shares her experience with ayahuasca calling it "completely life-changing" and says it felt like years of therapy in just one session. 

Melissa says she is not currently microdosing, but shares it is something she keeps in her mental health toolkit and will use when needed. To help others looking to improve their mental health and address the inequalities surrounding the use of these drugs, she started a nonprofit plant medicine coalition to advocate for better laws, more education, and more research around plant medicines.

Psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. David Rabin says he wants more research on psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca, but notes there are so many instances of people having profound and positive experiences using them and feels there could be amazing potential using them in a therapeutic way.

The Doctors have talked to moms who microdose, and we also speak with a mom who macrodoses psilocybin mushrooms in order to treat her past trauma. Find out how she has gone completely medicine-free and swapped out her meds for mushrooms, in the video below.

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Playing This Woman Swapped Traditional Prescriptions for Psilocybin for Her Trauma


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