Why This Nurse Hides Her Smile

Playing Smile Makeover for Nurse Struggling with her Teeth

Jennifer is a nurse, a mother of two, and a woman who just wants to be able to smile! Jennifer explains she had braces when she was 14 years old and at 17 years old she had to have her jaw realigned. During that surgery, she still had her braces on, and when they broke her jaw it caused damage to her two front teeth.

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Ever since then, Jennifer has been self-conscious about her teeth. She says she tried teeth whitening and composite and both made her damage worse. She believes her teeth make people think she might abuse drugs. "How can anybody take me seriously in a medical profession if I look like I can't even take care of myself?"

Jennifer smiles with her mouth closed and even developed a way of talking so that people can't see her teeth. Years ago a cosmetic dentist told her it would be $40,000 to fix the damage. As a single mother of two kids, she says she can't even afford insurance. Today, she meets another cosmetic dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan, who gifts Jennifer with a smile makeover!

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"I can't wait to give you the smile of your dreams," Dr. Yazdan tells Jennifer. The Doctors make Jennifer promise to return when it's all done to come show off her new smile!

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