Why Meditating in the Shower Can Be the Best Way to Center Yourself and Destress

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If you are having trouble finding a place in your home to destress and center yourself -- or if it is nearly impossible to get proper alone time -- a shower meditation just might be the solution! Real Simple suggests adding mediation to your shower might be the ultimate 2-for-1 in self-care.

Psychologist Shauna Shapiro says, "Four decades of research demonstrate the beneficial effects of meditation practice. From strengthening your immune system, to lengthening telomeres, to improving your sleep." and she shares the reasons why shower meditation can be so beneficial to your wellbeing.

It is the ultimate private space:  "It's a time when you're alone and away from distractions," she says, noting even those with a busy schedule can still make time to shower.

You can easily engage all your senses: All 5 senses are usually engaged while showering, and she explains this can help you be more present with your thoughts.  

Even a quick shower meditation has benefits: You might only have 3 minutes to meditate, but it is still worth your time and she suggests "focusing your attention in the present moment with an attitude of kindness and curiosity... It could be to decrease stress or for greater clarity and peace."

Any type of meditation can work: Real Simple notes there is no "right way" to meditate. "Meditation in the shower can look different for different people," the psychologist says. "The most important thing is to develop a practice that feels right to you. For some, this may include closing your eyes (but be careful!), for others it will include listening to guided meditations." 

If you need direction on how to start meditating in the shower, The Doctors love this Real Simple suggestion. "Try simply keeping your primary focus on your breath—maybe notice how it's not perfect and steady (whose is in the shower, anyway?). Or each time you hop in the shower, choose to concentrate on one of the five senses: Narrow in how the soap feels on your skin one time, the subtle notes of fragrance in your shampoo another time, and the rushing sound of the water the next."

And if you need help coping with the stress and anxiety of the pandemic and COVID, check out this helpful meditation from The Doctors on how to find more calm in all the chaos.

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