Why Face Masks Are Still Needed Even after Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

The Doctors

We can all agree that no one loves wearing a face mask, but The Doctors and Dr. Anthony Fauci stress it is still important to wear a mask even if you have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases notes that health experts are still not sure how well the vaccines prevent transmission of the virus and until this is determined, masks must continue to be worn.

"Currently, we do not have enough data to be able to say with confidence that the vaccines can prevent transmission. So even if vaccinated, you may still be able to spread the virus to vulnerable people. Masks are vital until we learn more & significantly reduce infections," the infectious-disease expert said on Twitter. 

Adding, "We are still learning about this new virus. Right now, the virus evolves as it circulates unchecked through the global population. We don’t know what will happen once we reach a level of herd immunity, but vaccines may need to be updated periodically as the virus evolves."

Dr. Fauci was also asked, "How soon will we have enough evidence to know if Pfizer and/or Moderna vaccines protect recipients from asymptomatic infection or the ability to infect others?" and he replied, "Follow-up data is being collected from vaccine trial volunteers now. If there are significantly fewer asymptomatic infections & a lower level of virus in the noses of vaccine recipients, it would suggest a decreased ability to transmit the virus following vaccination."

The Doctors want everyone to be as informed as possible about the COVID-19 vaccines. Learn about the vaccine's possible side effectswhether or not you need to be vaccinated if you have already been infected with the virus, and why believing these COVID-19 vaccine myths could harm you and others.

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